Friday, April 24, 2009


There. I said it. I...Have...Cancer. Until now, I just couldn't speak those three simple, terrible words. I would say, "I've been diagnosed with cancer," or, "I had a biopsy and one of the samples was bad." It's as if avoiding the direct statement -- I have cancer -- could make it not real, not mine. But it is real. It is mine. Other men have the same kind of cancer, indistinguishable in the lab. But those are their cancers. This one is mine, invading my prostate, attached to my cells.

I have cancer. If I face it I can fight it. By naming and claiming this cancer as my personal enemy, I put my entire self -- body, mind and spirit -- in battle mode. Medicine, attitude and faith together will defeat it.

I have cancer. By taking charge of that reality, I can accept and even embrace the help I need, from friends, co-workers, church members and family. I can let go and allow my wife to be strong for me as I recover from surgery. I can surrender to the perfect will and healing power of my Lord and Savior.

I have cancer. Cancer does not have me.



  1. Ray - that takes a lot of courage - and you are very right when you say, "It does NOT have you" Good for you. We are praying.

  2. Ray: I've crossed your wife's path on Facebook & I must say -- I'm honored to have the chance to read your words, & hers, in this deep look into your lives. May God bless you w/good health, your wife w/strength & courage, & your children w/the obvious love they have for the both of you. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ray,

    Your words touched a direct spot on my heart. My mother had breast cancer and beat it, Praise God! Her attitude was like yours because she said that cancer didn't have her.

    I just love your wife! We "met" a few years ago at JoJo's homeschool group, Homeschool with Humor. She's Carla with a "C" and I'm Karla with a "K."

    May God bless you as you take this journey, Ray. Our prayers are with you.

  4. Ray, thanks for being willing to share your thoughts and feelings with others as the Lord leads you through this time in your life. I know this blog will be a precious blessing to others who are going through tough times. May God bless you.

  5. Be strong and courageous.
    Do not be terrified;
    Do not be discouraged,
    For the Lord your God
    Will be with you wherever you go.
    Joshua 1:9

  6. Ray,

    I am both happy you are coming to terms with this and at the same time hurting for you where you are as it is hard to see you in this way. I know that that deep quiet heart of yours with keep you in control. God is with you and blessing you and so are all who know and love you My Brother.., in Jesus!!


  7. I'm rooting for you Ray. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Thanks for being brave on a whole new level and sharing your wisdom and insight during this trial.