Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Let's get away from the C-word for a little bit. Whaddya think? I think it's a good day for some other news.

Some of you know, some of you don't, that I co-host a wonderful podcast called Grace Talk Soup. Grace Talk Soup (or GTS) boldly serves up God's word with a side order of humor and a touch of grace! My co-host, JoJo Tabares, is an expert communicator. JoJo holds a degree in Speech Communication and has over 25 years experience in writing about how we communicate (or don't) with each other. Don't need it, you say? Oh, ye of little faith!!! Communication does NOT equal Speech. You can get through your entire life without making a formal speech, but I dare you to get through one day of your life without communicating something to someone! Go on, try it! I dare ya!!!

And the icing on the GTS cake came in just this morning!!! We were picked up by Internet Radio Magazine and interviewed! You can read all about us here: Internet Talk Radio on GTS. To say we are excited is. . . well, let's just call it an understatement. Grace Talk Soup is on the move!!!

We broadcast every Thursday morning via Talk Shoe, 11AM EDT/8AM PDT. Find us here. You can join us in the chat room, on the phone or BOTH! We have lots of fun and tackle some of the tough Christian questions of our day. . . and we sneak in some Communication FUNdamentals besides! We do a great segment called I Love Language where I play Ethel the Editor to JoJo's Lucy Linguist. We have a lot of fun. You will, too. Tomorrow, we begin our May Mini-Series on one of JoJo's best studies, Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith.

Speaking of JoJo, there is a lot of fun coming up over at her labor of love, Art of You can get all the details from her latest blog entry. Go take a look-see. Follow her blog. You will learn some amazing stuff! Oh, oh, oh. . . don't forget to sign up for her newsletter!!! She offers specials and freebies you will not find ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

If you are a homeschooler, JoJo writes supercalifragilisticexpealidocious curricula for communication skills! And don't forget to check out her mascot, FIMM (Foot in Mouth Man). Our lovable FIMM will teach you how NOT to say it. :)

Now isn't that better than a cancer report? ROFLOL Well, only if it's a bad one. Stay tuned to this blog for more VICTORIOUS cancer reports sure to come. . .

REMEMBER: All things are possible with God.


  1. Is this amazing or what? I never got this kind of press before you came on as my co host! Together we are an amazing team for the Lord! Our numbers are unbelievable too! We have more people listening in the first few days of this month than we had all month for most of Grace Talk Soup's history!

    Carla (Ethel the Editor) and I have a lot to share on Grace Talk Soup so stay tuned!

  2. Sounds good to meeeeeee... I'll have to give a listen on the marrow, that is if I can get up that early LOL!!

    Thanks for letting all of us know that there is a way to hear your loverly voices and can share with yall too, the blessings I am sure the Lord flowing through you for others.

    God Bless,