Friday, May 1, 2009


Well, folks, this is going to be one of the best blog posts I've had the pleasure of writing since this blog began! We just got back from the doctor's office with some REALLY great news! Ray's cancer is totally contained and has not grown!!! No metastasis anywhere else! WOO HOO!!!!! So. . . bottom line is that we go back in 3 weeks too have surgery scheduled. The doctor said it will take his body 5-6 weeks to recover from the swelling caused by the last round of biopsies. The surgery will probably be sometime in the first 2 weeks of June.

The surgery will be a DaVinci Robotic Radical Prostatectomy. That's some mouthful, huh? :) Our doctor is one of the pioneers of this robotic surgical technique for prostate cancer. He has taught it in several major universities and hospitals. It's a laparascopic surgery (5 small incisions) so it will only entail an overnight hospital stay. There are very few side effects and Ray should be able to resume his normal activities in about 2 weeks. The BESTEST news, though, is that with his "young" age (snicker, snort, chortle. . . but he's young for prostate cancer) and otherwise fine physical condition, the doc is predicting a 100% CURE!!! Is that not the loveliest word (gimme a C, gimme a U, gimme an R, gimme an E !!!) you have heard here??? I know it is for me. :)

Now what about those socks? When Ray's PSA came back through the roof, I figured I would be sitting in lots of waiting rooms so I wanted to start a pair of socks for him. I've been knitting for over 50 years and socks are my favorite. They are small and very portable, easy to carry in your purse. I mentioned it to him and he was thrilled, as I had not made him new socks in a long time. He went through my stash and picked out the yarn he wanted. He told me these would be his victory socks. Is he prophetic or WHAT? He wore them to the first results conference with Dr. Lee, through the saturation biopsy and today for. . . THE VICTORY!!! Yes, I know they are only socks, but I prayed into every stitch, much like you do when making a prayer shawl. Oh, I am making him one of those, too, so when he does his short stay in the hospital, he will have my prayers to wrap up in.

I can't thank all of our friends, family and blog readers enough for praying for us. But please don't abandon the blog! We still have a lot of emotions to work through and will keep you posted on Ray's road to surgery, preparations, actual procedure and his recuperation. He is going to be making some more appearances here, too.

Tonight, we are going to chill and watch a movie. Both of us feel like an astronomical weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Our daughter, the poet, drew a pic with "I Love Daddy" on it and asked me to give it to him for the doctor's visit. He loved it. When we came home, he thanked her profusely, gave her a big hug, told her he was going to have surgery but then he will be just fine. She is elated. Her daddy will not only be walking her down the aisle when the time comes, but rocking her children on his knees, too. :)

Now we're off to sing a few choruses of Victory in Jesus!


  1. Praise God for this most awesome news. And the socks are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I am praising God for Ray's news and praying that his treatment goes smoothly. I know it will. You are incredibly talented in so many ways, Carla. The posts here are so inspiring and you can knit too!

  3. Wow! That is absolutely amazingly amazing! :)
    I will keep praying for Mr. Ives, you, & the family. I love you very much. <3


  4. Great news, Carla!!! Thanks for sharing the great report and blessings on you and Ray!

  5. I would be dancin' in those socks. Great news. I will share your joy and miracle with Brian.

    Hugs to you both.

  6. Indeed I PRAISE GOD for the positive out come of this news!!!!!

    God has been good to you and may all this continue to be a blessing to you, your family and all who read this.


  7. Also yes, Great looking sox as usual Carla, I have to agree with that comment!!!!!!!!!


  8. Can I just say this post has brought me to tears; tears of joy, but tears none the less.

    I am so glad you posted this wonderful an duplifting testimony! Now, I think I need to figure out how to get to NJ for some knitting lessons. I really want to learn and socks seem like a very fun project, given that I have 2 daughters who LOVE zany socks. (Check out some of the crazy pics of the Beaner a.k.a. Tessa with her crazy outfits on FB.

    PTL for this wonderful post that has blessed me today. Now, I better head to bed, b/c GTS starts in 7.5 hrs!