Sunday, May 3, 2009


I can't believe the week went by so fast! Especially, since we were expecting the Friday miracle, but sorta kinda preparing for the Friday disappointment. I almost said "Friday despair," but that's not quite right. We knew that even if it was bad, we would give the battle to the Lord, while fighting the things we could fight on our own down here. Still, this week was a wild roller coaster ride of emotions for both of us. We got through it. We got our miracle. Some folks have said, "What miracle? He still has cancer and still has to have his prostate removed." Well, yeah. But once it's gone, he will be cured. Had the cancer spread, it still could have been cured, but with a lot more pain and suffering on Ray's part and a whole lot more life-altering stress on this family. So as far as we're concerned, prostatectomy or not, we got our miracle!

And now to celebrate our miracle (THANK YOU, JESUS!!!), here's a great Sonday song for you. A few years ago, Ray actually sang this in church and brought the house down with it. I wish I had a video of that performance. I don't. So you will just have to do with the little known (HAH!), composer and singer of the song, Chris Tomlin. (I LUV LUV LUV Chris Tomlin's music!). This song, How Can I Keep From Singing? is exactly how we feel on this somewhat-dreary-outside but very-bright-in-our-hearts Sonday morning!



  1. Carla and Ray I am very happy for you good and Holy news and soon you will have your day and be able to walk free from what the devil tried to do to yall...

    On another point, I think that once everything is said and done, you both should make all of this blog in to a book so as to further the whole of it to a much wider audieance for others to both learn from and or relate too, for them...


  2. I love this song! I just realized that I am no longer getting your blog updates. Not sure why. I'll have to look into that.