Saturday, July 18, 2009

1969 REDUX

Cindy gave me an idea. . . go hunting for some music from 1969. There was one other thing I forgot to mention about the summer of '69. . . Woodstock! I graduated high school about an hour from Max Yasgur's farm. Let's leave it at that. heh-heh-heh Woodstock, to me, means one thing. . . great music! I found some clips from the actual happening, but they were very long. Here's some of what was going on during that year. First, Crosby, Stills & Nash.

When this album (yeah, album, NOT CD :) came out, I think I put holes in the vinyl on several copies. Don't know why, but their harmony appealed to me. Then Neil Young joined in. . . hmmm. This is Teach Your Children. I liked the sound of the studio clip better than the live ones.

Even though the acid rock "stuff" was taking over, there were still a few great ballads being sung. This guy's voice used to really get to me. Here's Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge singing It's the Worst That Could Happen. The live clip was wild with the costumes and all, but I couldn't embed it. :(

In 1969, if you had told me I would even think about liking country music, I would've slapped you! But I dearly loved CCR, Credence Clearwater Revival. This is John Fogerty and the CCR guys doing Proud Mary, a big hit that year.

That was fun. Maybe one day I'll pick another year that was important in my life. . . like when I got married in 1972 and see what's on the Top 100 list. Thanks for the great idea, Cindy!

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  1. That was fabulous! I LOVED Crosby Stills Nash and Young. I actually met Mr. Crosby in college. A friend taught his dd gymnastics and he invited our sorority over to his house! He was a very nice man.