Tuesday, July 14, 2009


HELP!!! This blog has, once again, been hijacked by Ethel the Editor! This memo just "appeared" in the middle of the night:

TO: Carla

FROM: Ethel the Editor

SUBJECT: Wordy Wednesday

Carla, I liked doing the last Wordy Wednesday so much, I decided to do it again. . . AND I decided to take over JoJo's blog for the day, too! Just wanted you to know there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it either. Nyah, nyah, nyah, NYAH, nyah!!! I posted five E-words to JoJo's blog, but I was really clever and didn't give her the answers. I may not even post them here. I may just FORCE them to go to an online dictionary to get the meanings of these fantastic E-words. . . or leave them hanging. Why E-words? Well, ETHEL begins with E, doesn't it? HAH HAH HAH Now get out of my way while I 'splain these E-words to the folks. Wonder if JoJo finally figured them out. Oh, BTW, if you don't let me have this blog next Wednesday, I'm just gonna shove you out of the way and take it. . . so there!!! I guess I should give your readers the meanings to these words, huh? Okay, I'll be nice. EE

(1) Epexegesis (ep ek si jee sis) The addition of a word or words to explain a preceding word, or a word or phrase added for such a purpose. Epexegetic and Epexegetical are both valid adjective forms.

(2) Epigone (EP-i-goan) A mediocre imitation or follower of an important artist, writer, etc.

(3) Epigeal (ep-i-JEE-uhl) Living close to the ground, as certain plants do.

(4) Exiguous (ig-ZIG-yoo-us) Extremely scanty or meager.

(5) Expunge (ek spunj) To erase, strike or wipe out, destroy or obliterate.

NOTE TO ETHEL, THE USURPER: Actually, I knew them all except Number 1. Now I know Number 1, too! (giggles wildly while making appropriate raspberries at Ethel!!!) C

Okay, folks. . . let's not let Ethel have ALL the fun. How many can you use in a sentence and. . . I dare ya. . . can you put them all together? Where are the super creative (read that warped) minds out there? Leave a comment here or on JoJo's blog.


  1. Hi Carla! Wow! How'd Ethel do that? lol You know, she's a LOT more techie than you and I are!

    My college kid was otherwise occupied at that time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so I haven't asked her yet. Can't wait to see if they teach these words in college. As for me, I knew the last one and I had heard epigeal before. but the others are toughies.

    Epigone sounded like something you use instead of shaving! lol I'll have to think about this for a little while and get back to you...er...her to post my sentence.


  2. Ok Ethel! Now that I've seen these words, I cannot EXPUNGE them from my mind. I wanted to write something as creative as you did here, but I'd just come off as an EXIGUOUS EPIGONE slinking off like some EPIGEAL snake. I can't even pronounce EPEXEGESIS (which means this parenthetical phrase is here to explain what I cannot pronounce).

    I still think Epigone is the next generation of the EpiLady so HA! lol

  3. Wow - those are some words!

    I had an exiguous lunch, so I"m hungry and going to get something to eat:-)

  4. Kelsey says she knew the last three. What a smartie pants!

  5. Dr. Word Wielder uses epexegetical expressions on a regular basis but he is not here and right now my brain cells are an exiguous mass so I would only have to expunge any words written while trying to be an epigone of Ethel the Editor.

  6. Pretty funny stuff, Carla!! You two crack me up!