Monday, July 13, 2009


It's Monday. UGH!!! In our case, though, I'm very glad the weekend is over. Wasn't one of our best. So. . . on to something a little different.

Most of our readers know that I co-host a weekly podcast with a wonderful lady named JoJo Tabares. JoJo has a great blog and, every Monday, she posts a thought-provoking question to get those brain cells out of weekend mode. So I'm going to post her question here for everyone's consideration. Then I'll go post my link to her blog in an attempt to d-r-a-g folks over here. ROFLOL Here's today's question:

What are the three words that best describe you?

This is a challenge. If you don't think so, try it. You are made up of so many pieces and parts that it can be difficult to describe yourself using just three words. If you find this a difficult challenge, it is. You may be sitting behind your computer thinking that you just don't know the answer. But to quote JoJo's DH, Rich, "If you did know, what would they be?" :)

I have to admit to this being really difficult for me, but it's my turn to start, right? I would say:

(1) Loquacious. . . meaning I talk too much;
(2) Loyal. . . meaning once you are my friend, even if you murder someone, I'll be one of your regular visitors while you're in prison; and
(3) Old-fashioned. . . meaning I like things the way they were better than the way they are. What kinds of things? Oh, things like the Constitution, actual education being taught in schools rather than political correctness, people staying married once they decide to get that way. . . that kind of stuff. And, yes, I'm old so I have a lot more to remember than most of you. Does this mean I want to go back? Not really. I would just prefer a lot less change in certain areas. Some old things are worth keeping. (like moi. . . . nudge, nudge, wink, wink :)

Now it's YOUR turn. Leave a comment with the three words that describe YOU!!! I can't wait to read your answers. If you have your own blog, post your answer on your own blog, if you'd like, and then post the link here so we can all go visit!

Let's have a happy, fun Monday instead of the. . . well, you know. . . the regular kind.


  1. Oh my friend, you are indeed loyal. I would add that you are a servant, a supporter, a cheerleader for others, a giver...

    I could go on all day! You are the best and I pray your week is MUCH better than your weekend!

    Thanks for participating in the blog challenge!

  2. 1. Empathetic
    2. Sentimental
    3. Playful

    I am the one who feels others pain and my own very deeply - I cry at sappy movies and moving music - and I love to have fun :)