Saturday, July 4, 2009


Given the current state of our country, I wasn't sure what to put here today. Then I heard the strains of Proud to be an American playing. This song has a special meaning for us as the day after September 11, 2001, our then 5-year-old daughter came home from kindergarten, stood in the middle of the living room and sang the entire song, word for word! So I went hunting and found this super special video tribute to our troops set to this wonderful song.

Enjoy your day, your BBQs, your picnics and your family fun, but please tell your kids about the founding of this great country, too, why we celebrate the 4th of July as we do. And tonight, say a prayer for our brave soldiers who are not enjoying their families today.

Never forget. . . FREEDOM ISN'T FREE! These heroes pay for it every day.


  1. Oh thank you Carla! And thank your family for supporting Ray who is a vet! May God bless us all today but may God especially bless the military families!