Monday, June 15, 2009


Did you know there are lots of great, really funny Christian comedians? Well, there are. If you want a good laugh, go to You Tube or (formerly God Tube) and look up Michael Jr., Chonda Pierce, Tim Hawkins, Dennis Swanberg. . . or just Google Christian comedians. I guarantee you will split your sides.

My co-host on Grace Talk Soup, JoJo Tabares, posed a question on her blog today: Who's your favorite Christian comedian or comedienne? I love lots of them, but my all-time favorite is Mark Lowry, who also sang with the Gaither Vocal Band for 13 years, left and now, I believe, is back with them. There are videos on You Tube of Mark that are just as funny now as they were over 20 years ago. The one I'm posting here is from The Best of Mark Lowry Vol. 2. It's a few years old, but hysterical nonetheless. You can check out everything about Mark at He has all of his DVDs for sale plus links to his performances, radio show and whereabouts. He is truly a lot of fun! Here's Mark doing his Home Depot/Encounter with an Atheist routine. Enjoy! (BTW, I didn't spell atheist A-T-H-I-E-S-T. . . whoever posted the video did it. Just had to clarify that, being an editor and all. . . LOL)

Then stay tuned for Mark singing his signature song, Mary, Did You Know? right below. Betcha didn't know that funny man Mark wrote this song. He wrote the words; Buddy Greene wrote the music. He sings it might purty, too. :) (That's David Phelps and Guy Penrod on the background vocals. I can't see the piano player too clearly, but I think it's Anthony Burger.)

And for another great laugh, go over to JoJo's Blog and watch the video there by the Skit Guys. It's very funny and makes a point, too. Leave a comment to let her know you stopped by. Now enjoy my favorite Christian comedian, Mark Lowry, doing what he does best, joke and sing. . . NOT necessarily in that order. :)


  1. ROFL Oh that was a hoot!!! I never knew I was Thumbody! lol

  2. We love Mark Lowry here. He was such an inspiration to my oldest son who used to feel badly about himself because of severe ADHD. Then I met Mark and saw his routine on the ADHD kid. We bought the video where he calls himself the "poster boy for hyperactivity" and jumps around in a space suit. LOL. My son felt like if Mark could be successful, so could he. He now plans to go to law school upon graduation. (By the way, I will have to come back tomorrow to watch these videos since I'm typing away in bed here next to my hubby who would not appreciate hearing Mr. Lowry's voice in our bedroom this late at night. LOL.)