Thursday, June 18, 2009


Did you know that in today's economy, an employer is likely to get approximately FIFTY resumes for one part-time job? Sadly, it's true. For a "professional" job, the competition is much, much stiffer. To even get an interview, you need a top-notch resume, one that will catch a Human Resource Manager's attention and, more importantly, not make the first cut straight into the circular file!

When was the last time you updated your resume? Think your job will last forever? Think again. That may have been true years ago, but it's a different world out there. Need help with this daunting task?

ANNOUNCING: The NEW Resume Division of A Word Aptly Written

For those of you who don't know our business, A Word Aptly Written, is a writing/editing company. We do all types of editing and we pride ourselves on focusing, clarifying and strengthening the manuscript while keeping the author's style intact. We write press releases, articles, blog posts, ad copy and now. . . RESUMES!!! And to announce the new Resume Division of A Word Aptly Written, have I got a deal for YOU!

The first ten people who contact me at with RESUME in the subject line, will be able to have your one or two-page resume written for HALF-PRICE!!! The normal fee for a basic resume is $50, but the first TEN who contact me will get a one or two-page professional resume produced for only $25!!!

The resume can be produced in chronological or functional style, depending on what fits YOUR unique style best. I am working diligently on becoming a functional resume expert. A functional resume is a resume which highlights skills, knowledge and strengths, rather than chronological job experience. Many women, formerly stay-at-home moms, are being forced back into the work place due to the economy. That work place is now super competitive and if you have no recent outside work experience, presenting yourself properly can be a challenge. I can help.

So hurry! Get your resume for only $25 if you are one of the first TEN people to contact me at with RESUME in the subject line. I will send you a questionnaire by return email. Once you complete it and send it back to me, I will craft your resume in the most effective style for your unique talents and experience.

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  1. Carla has been Art of Eloquence's editor for some time now and we are so blessed to have her! She is an editor like no other and she has done so many other services for us! Her work is top notch and she is so easy and fun to work with! You can't do better than to hire her and this is, as they say, SUCH A DEAL! I highly recommend and endorse her work!