Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was pointed out to me that I should mention why my daughter is going through the hell she is now experiencing (see 2 posts down, entitled "PAIN"). She suffers from bipolar disorder, ADHD and oppositional/defiant disorder, a somewhat deadly combination for winning friends and influencing people. Since puberty, it has definitely gotten worse.

We visited her tonight. She is doing well in her program. I have a meeting with some people there tomorrow after Grace Talk Soup. She says depending on that meeting, they may allow her to go home before the weekend. We could really use this as it is a long way from here and the gas consumption is killing us. Still, I want her home better than when she left.

I'll keep everyone posted on this situation. I just wanted to make this distinction so people won't think their "normal" 13-year-olds could go through this. Teens are tough, for sure, but teens with mental illness are. . . well, we love her just the same.


  1. She really is an amazingly talented girl. She also has some special issues and because of them you and Ray and the rest of the family do as well. I am in prayer that she gets the help she needs. It is a tough illness to get a handle on especially in the teen yrs.

  2. Yes, my dear, it is a tough situation. As you know, we have some teens with similar diagnoses. There is hope. Got you covered (in prayer).